Questions about offset

Hello, everyone
I encountered a situation
Give the same offset command to the curve, but some curves are offset inward and some are offset outward
Is there a way to uniformly shift inward?

Questions about (14.4 KB)

You didn’t internalize your geometry, but generally, make sure all the curves are oriented in the same direction. To do this, use Flip Curve, and choose one curve as your guide.

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What I typically do with offsets in cases like these. Do both side offsets (positive and negative). Then you will have in each tree branch two offsets. Tests offsets for curve intersections with your boundaries, lengths, or my favorite mesh rays, cull the ones that meet the test criteria.

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Offsetting the curves on both sides and picking the shorter one may work in this case.

Unifying the base curve directions and then offsetting should work also.


thank you guys!!