Questions about Model Transformation Structure(mesh to nurbs )

Hello everyone,this is the situation :

I downloaded a model archive, but it is a mesh structure,I want to turn it into nurbs surface.

My approach is as follows:

Use the “Mesh | Mesh” command to get the intersecting lines. Breaking the intersecting lines into points, use the “Point In Brep” command to make a selection. Finally, connected lines.and loft.

It was all good at the beginning, but in the last step, there was a big problem with the line connect. What’s wrong with this approach? :expressionless:

Can someone tell me?

Model Transformation (360.1 KB)

A last will be a lot easier to remake with horizontal sections vs vertical.

Wouldn’t it be more troublesome if there is a height difference between the head and the tail?

I will extract the top edge outline and the bottom edge outline, then make blended horizontal sections between them. The bottom surface you can make as a network surface. The top surface can be a cap.

Hi Michael Pryor,

Do you mean this? (372.3 KB)