Questions about learning Python Script in Grashopper

Hi everyone.
I 've been learning this software for a while.I see a lot of people releasing their own batteries.How are these batteries made?

The electrodes in the battery contain atoms of certain conducting materials. For instance, in an alkaline battery , the anode is typically made of zinc, and manganese dioxide acts as the cathode. And the electrolyte between and inside those electrodes contains ions.


I see a lot of people releasing their own batteries

They are called components, not batteries. To see how to make grasshopper plugins see the developer page.

:smiley:, well maybe that’s just the translation of GH in his language.

I’m just learning too :wink: I was googling batteries and saw this description, what “batteries included” means as related to python, if anybody is interested…

Thanks for your help. I found a developed software that I’m learning.

I was misled by our teachers, too. It’s called a battery.

In GH there are parameters and components.

You can make components with C#, VB, or Python.
Is that what you mean or do you mean something else by battery?

In fact, I have seen many of your own accessories posted on the Internet, I also want to make their own industry accessories.

See the link I posted in my first comment.

All right. Thank you for your help. I’m a rookie, too.