Questions about interrupting points and creating line by reference points

Could you please help me take a look at this issue I met about interrupting points?
In general, what I want to let points on curves to move away from a central point based on how close they are to the central point, and based on how close they are, they would move 2", 4", or 6" inches away from the center.

As a result, I was able to get something like this

as you can see, there are some points no longer stay in the same branch and started moving around and creating breaking and wired lines.
if I select group of points in the list, this is what happened

as you can see, they are no longer staying in the same section.

Therefore, could you please help me take a look what I did wrong?

Thank you

Here are the file and the battery map (23.8 KB)

see old example on my blog here.

Or if you want I have a single component in Pufferfish which can do that called Pinch’n’Spread. Download the example files with the plugin and there is an example for using it.

Thank you very much, it worked.