Questions about "Edit Sections"

Two questions here about “Edit Sections.”

  1. When it comes to “Edit Levels”, if I change level, viewport name and construction plane are changed automatically. If I change sections through “Edit Sections”, 2D representation of VA objects are changed. However, viewport name and construction plane are not changed. I have to do that manually. Do I have change some setting somewhere to make “Edit Sections” work same as “Edit Levels” does?

Viewport Name & Construction Plane

  1. If I use “Trigger” component in Grasshopper, I can not edit “Edit Sections”. For instance, I can not change names of sections. If I increase interval, I can. However, even while I use “Trigger” component with very short internal, there is no problem with “Edit Levels.”

Trigger & Sections Conflict

Why does “Edit Sections” work differently from "Edit Levels’? Did I miss something?

Hello @archist97,

  1. I’ll report this request. I agreee, it should change construction plane and viewport name automatically.

  2. I’ll report this as well.

We’ll keep you posted about both issues once we have news.

@archist97 We have fixed this issue in VisualARQ 2.13 VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13 released