(Question) Simplify my clusters on Grasshopper

Hi, I did extrude curves by grasshopper. Then I created this by cluster to make many curves at same time.
However if I select multiples curves and connect to my cluster, ‘Devide solid’ doesn’t work which means, it cover inside of dome. (photo)

So that I connect eacy curve to each cluster ;;;;;;;
Can I simpify these stuff?

Here is the files;
FORUM.3dm (10.5 MB)
19.05.2018_extrude exterior shielding.gh (15.1 KB)

There are a few things I’d like to recommend you to do in this kind of work.

  1. Boolean operations are usually computationally very expensive. Avoid if possible when if you are doing multiple operations.
  2. Work as close as possible to the origin and use m unit rather than mm.
    then, the amount of calculation will be greatly reduced.
    Extrude_reV1.gh (14.0 KB)

THank you for the good tip about boolean and unit.
:wink: and your file.

Best regard, KIM

I was wondering, why is that? Why would m be “lighter” than mm?
Why working close to origin?

When if you are dealing with large amount of geometries or numbers … but If you have enough memory, then it might not be an issue.