Question regarding Boolean Toggle + Shift

Hello. I am learning Grasshopper from the book AAD (Arturo Tedeschi). HIGHLY recommended.
I am at the chapter that gives the insights for Shift List parameter.
I am having problems to understand this parameter in conjunction with Boolean Toggle (true/false).

I understand that Shift List (Inputs: L - S - W ) offsets data in relation to a number (L). What I do not grasp is the Boolean toggle linked to Wrap (W) function. Why when is FALSE my data gets culled.

Thanks a lot ! hope it was clear.

When it doesn’t wrap (i.e. set to false), the data is taken from the original list at the index that you provide with the slider and ONLY goes to the end of the original list. So the new list becomes shorter.

If wrap is set to TRUE, when the end of the original list is reached, data is taken from the beginning of that list to fill the new list with an equal amount of entries.

I hope that was clear :wink: