Question on layers

Hi forum, here is the scenario . I have a polysrf. I use Ctrl and shift to select a single surface. I copy that surface in place. That surface is highlighted and now I want to put that surface on a different layer. I go to layers and choose the layer I want it on . Right click that layer and Change Object Layer is not selectable . I can unselect the same surface , then reselect it and do the same operation to put on the desired layer and it goes to it fine. Seems like a lot of work to get there. What am I doing wrong? Thanks,Mark

The problem is you think that it’s the copied surface that is selected after you do a copy in place of your polysurface face - but it’s not… It’s still the face of the polysurface that is sub-object selected, the actually copied surface is not what you see selected.

You would need to do a SelLast to get the copied surface.

I don’t say it’s logical, but that’s the way it is…

Thanks Mitch, that is what I am doing as you said. Sellast. Good explanation.
On another topic probably. In V5 a person could use Text and it would keep your last used text in the field. Now in V6 it clears it out each time . I liked V5’s way better . Sometimes less typing involved.

Yes, I see that. I don’t know the reason for the change, just that the entire text section has been completely re-written for V6.