Question of RebuildSurface in rhino script(about retrim option)

Hi everyone,

In the script, different with Rebuild surface in Rhino 5, there is no option for retrim.
So I searched about this in forums, there was one topic which use command for retrim option.
That’s maybe useful to me, but I don’t want to use command if possible.
Can I use the retrim option without using command?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Jinwook Kim.

ok i tried something like this. is it what you needed?

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Yes! The result is exactly what I wanted!
Thank you soooo much @Will_Wang !!! :grin:

Can you tell me how to run in Ironpython? Now I’m keep trying to apply what you’ve done.
But I think I should change something…!:sweat_smile:

Now I got the rebuild surface but still couldn’t make the trimmed surface.

My code is in grasshopper. Install GHPython for GH in case you haven’t. Otherwise you could use the native python script editor under rhino’s tools menu. Script need to re formatted slightly tho.

@Will_Wang Appreciate your help.
I tried to make it by python, I found that I have to use AddBrep after using CopyTrimCurves.


Then I could get the same result above.

Thank you very much @Will_Wang .

Jinwook Kim