Question: NURBS surface not getting intersected

What could be the reason of nurbs surface not getting intersected?

Like so:

You forgot to attach the 3dm file. Your picture doesn’t help much without it.

I didn’t forget, it’s a hypothetical question and I cannot share this model.

Plot thickens :slight_smile:

Hi Ivelin,
Maybe this is more meaningful for someone else but I all I can see is a big zoom on a grasshopper slider, some curves. You say there is a NURBS surface somewhere so I guess the curves are on the surface but …??? :confused:
From a single viewpoint I cant work out what shape you are dealing with…


The original post and the title itself is explanatory enough. Suffice it to say: Intersecting a nurbs surface with a plane and not get a continuous intersection (where it should be).

I look for ideas why this could happen so I can troubleshoot myself.

Not uploading any models. I highly doubt this is a new thing.

All I see in the status bar is huge numbers. Sounds like incorrectly chosen model units in my opinion… 114 meters with a hundredth of a millimeter precision?

not incorrectly, perhaps not thought through by the devs.

Ship significant unit is mm although some ships are 200+ meters long.

I can’t believe this Rhino flaw is again coming into play.

Someone has to fix this already.

Hello - any time you’d like to send us an example, the developer will have a look.


Hi Pascal,

I was asking what could be causing this.

After moving some control points, re-trimming and re-joining this anomaly disappeared.