Question: move the junction point in the Sweep2

In Sweep 2 :“drag the junction point”, once it defined the shape is no longer possible to act on the junction point; (Not sure if Rhino 6 will be possible to move the junction point during the command execution).

Nothing answer?

Maybe I’m not the only one that don’t understand the question?

During execution of the command (Sweep 2) it is possible to act on the junction points? (that is, you can adjust them, move, in such a way as to obtain the right form).
Once pressing Enter it is not possible regular as and move the junction arrows.

Once you selected the rail and the sections, you have this at the command line:

Ok until we got here. Click Enter, and if I’m wrong to direct the arrows and wanted to move them? I have to repeat the entire command?

Are two forms made with the sweep two equally acceptable. Their difference lies in the adjustment of the junction points.
It would be more comfortable that the adjustment occurs until it ends the command with Enter, so you can choose the desired shape.

it is only a usability problem, in my opinion.
We should give the possibility to move the points, and then vary the shape during all the phase of utilization of the Sweep2 command, I hope I explained myself.

I think what you’re asking for is a preview while you’re adjusting the seam point.

Hum, i think he talk about the impossibility to rearrange seam/arrows orientation once you validated first step and open the sweep 2 rails options window, and i must agree , it’s easy on basic things, but on more complex shape with many profiles, if you made a mistake on one arrow direction, you have to restart from beginning, replace points, check arrows direction etc…
have possibility to rearrange on the fly would be better, exatcly like loft Alingcurves function + possibility to move point.

He would also have more control if his profile curves had the same number of sharp corners. The end profile has 5 sharp corners.
To control where the edges are placed, he will need to split the other two 4-cornered profiles. Then he should have the flexibility to control how the edges are aligned from one profile to the next.

Perfect cyver!


Exactly what I wanted to say.
No hope to improve the usability of this command?

Now we made suggestion , only developpers can decide to work on this… or not …

I do not understand why in the “sweep2” command it is not possible to adjust junction points. Once the command is executed there is only the possibility of defining three alternatives (invert, automatic, natural). I think it would be useful to be able to adjust the junction points that have not been finalized command.

Hi Davide - you can click and drag the seam point arrows where ever you like.


Of course Pascal, but once you’ve made an adjustment, it’s no longer possible to act on those points, so you have to reactivate the command and rebuild everything.

I see what you mean - so you want to see the preview, and then adjust the points accordingly, correct? Basically, more interactive…


Exactly Pascal! The Rhino commands should offer as many options as possible and give a sense of freedom to the user, less rigidity. The preview is also important, and it would be good to implement them in many commands as much as possible.
Thank you.

I tend to agree that improving interactivity in commands is a very good goal for incremental improvements in usability. It’s interesting that way back, one of the good things about Rhino was that it would ‘just do it’ and not ask too many questions or put up unnecessary settings, but as things get more advanced and more users require different outcomes, the need for more granular control has also increased. The ability the right result even if it takes more UI interaction is creeping in (BlendCrv, compared to the old Blend is my favorite example) is creeping in. In any case, I will add this request to the pile…