[Question] manipulate curve by control points in a multi-branch tree with Genepool

Good afternoon. I met some problems regarding tree branches.
What I am trying to do is: There is a shape constructed by layers of bands.

And for every layer, the bands are distorted vertically to create opening and closings.

What I did is this: After having the general shape of the structure, I used to contour to form the basic line. Then I moved the contour lines up. The next step I am trying to do is to obtain their control point, move them with a gene pool (so that I can use Galapagos to optimize the shape) to control how far each point in different distance should move upwards or downwards, and then make band by loft every pare of curves.

However, since I want to control every single point individually, I could not just use a single gene pool to do so; If I flatten the point tree, I cannot use them to reform lines or bands.

Could you please help me take a look at the issue or offering me some tips?
Thank you
Test 4.gh (22.1 KB)