Question is removed!

Question is removed! If a question is regarding full automation and exclusively about RhinoCommon methods and if you do not know the answer, please do not spoil some one’s post…
Because after you answer, no one will reply the post thinking it is solved.

It happened with me several times before.
When I am clearly mentioning in the post again and again it is a automation question, some one come and reply about manual procedure and then the whole topic divert or considered to be solved.

You are not bound to help me. Neither I am helpless, without your help.

And yes, when some one ask a question, is not necessarily a beginner question. So please try to understand the complexity of the question before answering it. Or do not answer. Not needed wrong answers ! The person who asked the question might have more experience than you. So never under-estimate and give a beginner type of reply, which does not serve the purpose, and spoil the whole environment.
Cheers !

Hi, here you’ll find examples how to edit text:

Also you can use the inbuilt text functions which will update automatically:

Hi jess, I think you could not understand my question.

I’m confused about your question then, because Jess’s answer is pretty much exactly how I would have answered.

I cannot explain whole thing in the forum.

You are talking how to do it, which I already know.
I am talking about automation. Full thing cannot be explained here.
OK. Thanks … No answer needed for now. I may need a private message to you or Dale, regarding the question.