Question for render view

I have been trying hard to solve this problem, but have been unsuccessful, and even feel desperate. I uninstalled the software and downloaded it again, and the problem persisted. I don’t know why. As long as I drag the object in the render view by holding down shift+right mouse button in my building, the correct color will disappear, and the building will appear and disappear. I use rhino7, and I send my homework to my friends to open it without any problems. I can’t always see the correct terrain and buildings appear, they will change as long as I move.

Hi @huayi122,

Can you please post your System Information from Rhino: Help -> System Information....


sure, hope you can help me !

I don’t understand what is wrong :sob:


It migt be a setting in the displaymode you are using
I see that setting a clipping bubble in other than None can cause similar effect as the one you show here.
Can you try and set the clipping bubble to None?
Or maybe just Restore Default for the entire display mode

Does this make sense?
If not let me know I’ll try to be more explicit.


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!!!thank you! I solved it!!!

best wishes

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