Question about rhino

How can i model a topography in rhino?

Question like this will never be answered because you provide no information.

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What is the input data/information?

What output do you need - NURBS surface, mesh, ???

How much experience do you have with Rhino?

since you are old enough to use a computer and are capable of typing, you might want to ask google it really can answer a lot of dumb questions… soon it will overtake the thinking part either so you can just lay flat and do nothing…

How can i model a topography in rhino?

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Dear David
I sent my data for you
upper intermediate
Thanks for helpe

CAD—1400-08-27.DWG (14.5 MB)

Try using the methods in the link in encephalon’s post or 3 Ways to Model Topography in Rhino and Manipulate! - YouTube and then ask questions. Participants in this forum are very good at help with specific questions.

test.3dm (18.3 MB) (72.5 KB)