Question about Rhino -> BIM documentation

when running a clip plane command, is it possible to assign custom “edges width” for each solid / surface ? so that we can get a nice control when creating a floorplan / section. (without having to run make2D command)
assigning layers print width is one solution, but any way to control print width with something like “plot style” in CAD? (or something revit does, automatically adjust width when we change the scale)

also ability to add “section hatch” to every geometry would be awesome. (basically, each geometry can be set up in its properties tab so that whenever we use clip plane. it will display specific hatches based on every individual settings)

I try to avoid using VisualARQ or any other plug in simply because sharing files with other parties (Structure engineer, ME Consultant, etc) is impossible without them having the same plug in.
at least I would love to get opinion from expert on how to get native rhino to do BIM documentation

for anybody out there who’s using Native rhino to do BIM documentation, please drop some advice.

Thank you

Hopefully it’s going to be/is a part of V6: