Question about obsolete things etc

I’m evaluating Rhino6 and fascinated with learning Grasshopper. I’m working through an old tutorial that uses a Vector/Point/Grid Rectangular thing which apparently is obsolete. I’m trying to reproduce a program called Color Boxes.ghx. The Vector/Grid/Rectangular seems to produce a grid rather than points. ?? Am I interpreting this correctly? Is there another box that replaces the point grid thing in Color Boxes?
I’m also looking for a vector addition module that existed in the old tutorial but doesn’t seem to exist now. How can I add vectors?

Every Grid components have point output. Use point output rather than cells…

You can place boxes on the grid points using Center Box,Domain Box, or Box Rectangle
Or when if you are using grid cells, you can extrude grid cells and capping to make them solid…
Colouring is another animal. You can apply colours using Custom Preview

You can use standard GH operators like AdditionandMultiplicationfor vector math…

I basically understand what you mean about the grid/rect component. I now can see that it has a point output. I’m having trouble finding some of the other components called out in the Color Boxes.ghx Color Boxes.ghx (204.9 KB)
It calls for a Logic/Sets/Series component that I can’t find. This is one of the big problems I have with Grasshopper. I understand programming. But if I can’t find a component then I’m stuck. Grasshopper doesn’t appear to have the same help that Rhino does in telling you where to find a component. The little bitty images in the toolbar bear no resemblance to what goes onto the screen.

I struggled a lot to find the components, double clicking in empty space on the canvas is useful to find components when you know the name. I don’t know your native language. Me I am French but just use English version of Rh/GH because it is more easy to find english tutorial and it is also now more easy for me to help. But Grasshopper has many strange wording for me. The component Mass Addition is more an integral for me. When you need min/max you have to type bounds … So my best advice is take some time to go through all the tabs to discover components.
There is also a good ressource here
To find this link go to Learn Menu on

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Grasshopper doesn’t appear to have the same help that Rhino does in telling you where to find a component.

Keep in mind up until now GH is a Beta. Rhino is not.

Merci, Laurent. The link to is helpful. I finally found the Series component I was looking for using that information. Many thanks for your suggestions. I am native to Tennessee, USA. But my wife and I love Paris and many parts of France and have many happy memories of our visits there.

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Yes, well I do some cooking and I understand that problem. As long as you folks don’t mind me asking where the &^%$ is the salt, we’ll do okay and if I come up with something spectacular, I’ll be sure to share.:grin:

Another little tip. If you happen to have the component already on the canvas (say you open someone else’s file) you can hold ctrl + alt (you will see a little “i” appear next to the mouse), then left click and hold on a component and it will show you where it is in the tabs.

And another tip for old tutorials. Worst case you can always find any obsolete component by doing the usual double click type search on the canvas but use “#” first. So if you really really wanted that vector addition component you can search “#vectoraddition

Thanks, Michael. Wish I had known those tips. Now I do.