Question about objects’ rendering order

hi! im using shapediver very well.
and i almost finish my model but there is a problem.

I’m making a cube with all sides transparent.
so there are some problems because of transparency-ipenGL issues.

The top side is buried in the side rendering and disappears….:frowning:

have two questions

1,Is it possible to adjust the order of object rendering

2, Is it fundamentally impossible to solve the problem in openGL?

Hello @윤성민

ok as you have already investigated, transparency is always a tricky thing in WebGL.

Could you share your model? Then we can have a closer look what can be done.
You can either share it directly here, or in a PM.

Cheers, Michael

Thanks. @MajorMeerkatThe3rd
I’ll send you a PM
with my grasshopper modeling and a image

It’s the first modeling I’ve ever made, so please understand that it’s messy and messy.

i really want my top plate back…

thank you