Question about mesh objects vs. nurbs objects

I have heard a lot about substituting mesh objects for nurbs objects when a particularly busy file, or big file, slows down. (Along with turning on BBox.) I have a model with a LOT of pipes (architectural space frame). Wondering if there’s any reason NOT to just make the pipes mesh?

If you’re just creating a model for architectural drawings, and rendering but not for 3d printing or CNC is there any downside to using mesh objects?

Thank you.

Hi Allyson,

there is no downside to use meshes as long as you do not need nurbs in your further workflow. If your pipes are all joined with each other, creating their display rendermesh may take more time compared to unjoined or even untrimmed pipes.

Depending on the amount of simple (untrimmed) pipes used, you may check out to just create the spine curves and use _ApplyCurvePiping. Once done, check your properties dialog for various piping options. Note that curve piping makes only sense if your pipes are simple (untrimmed) pipes without miters or so. You can only cap them and adjust their density. It is just for display purposes. To create them as real geometry meshes, use _ExtractPipedCurve command.


Thank you @clement.