Question about "index out of range: 1" error in food4Rhino py script

Hi all,

I downloaded a plugin with multiple py scripts from a food4Rhino called “Rhino Open Projects” (Rhino Open Projects | Food4Rhino). I had an issue in my model with intersecting faces being found by MeshRepair, and was looking for a tool to identify and remove them.

I downloaded the plugin, ran the tool to highlight the problem vertices of intersecting faces. The problem was, running that script returned this error:

I know absolutely nothing about python scripts, and so I’m just asking if someone would be able to help me please fix this error, so I could use the script for that purpose. Or, alternatively, is there another way that is either native to Rhino or otherwise to fix/remove intersecting faces?

I have uploaded the script below.

Thanks in advance, and God’s best,
jricha (2.0 KB)

Hello - can make it ‘work’ but it seems not to do anything useful so far - it finds all edges. I’ll poke at it some more.
@jricha38 MeshSelfIntersect ought to help though.


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