Question about cefsharp integration

Hi, Rhino user. :slight_smile:
I’m developing application.

I used grasshopper in the past,
Currently, for a period of about two and a half years
Unity3D has been developing non-game applications.

As our project is non-game software,
I had to wrap unity3D to get out & extention of WPF, winform, and other dotnet series and implement an independent software integration.

Due to the process and need to consider rapid development and scalability,
I thought about making the UI web by attaching CEF.

My main language is C #
Fortunately, the fact that the development of CefSharp has become active has come to my luck, and I have tried many things in recent months.

And before that, the work of unity3D integrating with WPF has already been done.
However, since we are running two processes
cause but, problem wpf & CEFwpf very slow application (but right unity3D), and many communication wpf & unity3d(solve that’s it, if only used to rhino3d this not If you started with the Rhino plugin,
I would not have done it, but …It was a good experience.)
anyway I suffered so much, I barely did it. and The experience with unity3d was nice because it was simple to develop within Unity,
but, Since my project development is non-game, Integration with the outside was terrible.

so recently,
I am throwing away the unity application I created for two and a half years,
migration(convertion) it to rhino3D, or I’m looking for another game engine.

anyway, today I’m also ask our local staff members who are familiar with McNeel and our distributors in Korea about license policies.

In the past, due to licensing issues, opennurbs and current UI issues (non-game projects)
Rather than integrating it, Rhino3D thinks that it can reduce development time and trouble by developing it as a plug-in type. Therefore, it is concerned about plug-in development and is concerned about license problem.

My question is this.

CEFsharp (WPF version) makes UI background transparent by making UI integration possible.

yesterday looking,
Uncle Dale Fugier @dale already tried it.

I wonder if it is possible to composite like WPF Within rhino3d viewport

If this is possible, I have almost solved the problem with Rhino.

If you have license royalties,
Although I will looking other game engine again.

I want to go back to rhino developer.
I had such a wish personally.

maybe if I would with rhino our software is a plug-in of rhino,
It’s a software that makes modifications to Rhino’s settings (looks like a game-engine).

I hope it does not affect the license.
(but Still, I lot of problems I do not know about when converting to rhino.)

In a few days, I finish the work well, Happy New Year

You used a game engine to make a non game application… unsuccessfully… so you will now use a cad engine to make it… unless mcneel charge you for said engine in which case you will try find another free engine? I must have got lost a bit in the TLDR;

What is your application? There are 50+ free 3dengines in nuget?

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I think you’re thinking
That’s right.
And our project it’s not personal.
I’m just a programmer at a firm I’m not the owner.
Just because I’m the 3D software guy myself (no team),
I have a lot of authority, so I ask a lot of questions.
And I am not good at English. :d

Anyway our software closed sources project .
this thread’s question(CEF hole-background)
is not important for me project.
I just wanted to ask you this question.
As it is meant to further describe the possibilities of rhino 3D, I only wrote with these questions and tips.

Be bigger and better Rhino 3D :slight_smile:

I feel like I’m losing my mind cause everyday tired works;; :))

Hi @Jong_Hoon_Lee1,

Are you looking to build a standalone application or a plug-in that runs in Rhino? It is not clear to me what you are looking to do and why? What problem(s) are you trying to solve?

– Dale

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made of unity3d standalone app,
Currently that Unity run with (WPF + unity + cef) one window.
Give it all up,

and now
it’s migrating to rhino3d plug-in. (not standalone)


Hi @Jong_Hoon_Lee1

OK, you are (or want to) port some existing code to a Rhino plug-in. RhinoCommon plug-in can display WPF forms. So what specific problem are you having?

– Dale

Thanks answers.
no problem.

You fast tell me what I’m curious about! fantastic -,.-b

I need to just do. running the code directly, so and better to realize if want to do.
currently my small plan… wpf docking to rhino.
It’s trying~*

if other curiously is a problem
I’ll look it up on the forum site, and if I have a problem, I’ll leave a question again.

good day~*
thanks :slight_smile: