Query view not returning view templates


There appears to be a bug with Query Views. When the IsTemplate input is set to False, I get all of the views in the project. But when set to True, no templates are returned. Is this expected behaviour? Is there a better way to get the view templates?


Set the IsAssembly and IsPrintable to False.

Thanks, that worked.

But it’s a bit counterintuitive to need IsAssembly and IsPrintable as well. Shouldn’t IsTemplate be dominating?

The problem here are default values on ‘Is Printable’ and ‘Is Assembly’.

We can tweak this.

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Hi @parametricmonkey1,

Is on v1.1-RC.

If you like to test ot now you can switch to “Release Candidates” channel from the Options dialog and test it now if you like.

Keep in mind that files you save with a v1.1 RC may not open on v1.0, so please do backups of your files.