Query Model Materials Lag


Similar to how the Query Model Objects was performing in the last WIP, the Query Model Materials component has unexpected lag that can cripple the graph.

Please note how in the following screen grab, Query Model Materials is set to manual update mode but it is still triggering a loop lock with the bake component.

Auto Update:

Manual Update:

After clicking between Manual & Auto a couple of times it randomly works:

Additionally it seems to add almost a second of bake time even for a simple material:

W/ Material:

W/O Material/Color Swatch Only:

Thanks for your help!

To expand upon this with an additional issue… a file save does not store the boolean value of the Query Model Materials component.

So in other words if you uncheck “Update Automatically” on the component and save your file, close out and reopen Rhino & GH, the Query Model Materials component will have reset itself to be automatically updating again and need to be right clicked with “Update Automatically” turned off again.

@AndyPayne just wanted to bring this part in particular to your attention, thank you!

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Thanks for reporting this @michaelvollrath. I have created a YT issue and will begin looking into this.

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Thanks Andy!

Ok. I think I’ve fixed the issue with the Query components not saving the state of the “auto update” flag. This will be available in the next WIP release.
Regarding your other issue with materials… do you have a sample definition we can look at? Please also include the Rhino document with the materials. Thanks.

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Thanks Andy, I will get you the example files shortly!

I just circled back to check on testing this and the Query Model Material component finally works without creating any “reference chain lag” as far as I can tell.

Thank you!

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