Quaternion.GetRotation() method not found in Rhino3dm 7.7.0 nuget

I am working on a C# Windows .Core solution (not NET Framework) and therefore am using the latest rhino3dm nuget library v7.7.0.

I need to transform a brep by a quaternion and therefore wish to obtain the rotation from the quaternion using:
Quaternion.GetRotation(out angle, out axis)

Visual Studio reports that the method cannot be found.
I can see that it is present in the latest github page: rhino3dm/opennurbs_quaternion.cs at e3c3c128ccedbdc502236c6646347514106dcad6 · mcneel/rhino3dm · GitHub

here it is:

    public bool GetRotation(out double angle, out Vector3d axis)
      double s = Length;
      angle = (s > double.MinValue) ? 2.0*Math.Acos(m_a/s) : 0.0;
      axis.m_x = m_b;
      axis.m_y = m_c;
      axis.m_z = m_d;
      return (axis.Unitize() && s > double.MinValue);

Unfortunately a straight copy-paste won’t compile due to other changes to the classes, but here is a slight tweak to make a similar method that does work in the meanwhile until the code is released on nuget…

        public static bool RhinoQuaternion_GetRotation(this Rhino.Geometry.Quaternion q, out double angle, out Vector3d axis)
            double s = Math.Sqrt(q.LengthSquared);
            angle = (s > double.MinValue) ? 2.0 * Math.Acos(q.A / s) : 0.0;
            axis =  Vector3d.Unset;
            axis.X = q.B;
            axis.Y = q.C;
            axis.Z = q.D;
            return (axis.Unitize() && s > double.MinValue);           

Hope that helps someone else.

Hi @MonkeyFace,

What you missed is this line:

Which indicates a Rhino-only build.

Seems like a flaw to me, since all the calculation are either coded in C# or are found in openNURBS. I’ve logged this to have a closer look.


– Dale

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Yeah I didn’t miss it as such - a lot of the class was marked in this fashion and I didn’t know how to mark my project as RHINO_SDK=true (and more importantly I didn’t know what the implications of marking my project in this manner might have) which is why I went with the quick and transparent option of slightly modifying the method.

Thank you for resolving this for the next release of Rhino3dm :slight_smile:

Quaternion.GetRotation is now available in the latest version of rhino3dm on nuget (7.11.0)

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