Quality of ellipses_CP's & Degree 3

Hi all,
I’m attaching a file with some curves to form a surface, which will be CNC’d later on in the future, so the curves/Control Points are adapted to the real form. Each of the ellipses has 12 control points and a degree of 3 all over the curves.

Will you say that this surface will be CNC’d in a good quality without any bumps? In order to get the perfect shape, I cannot reduce the number of Control Points… but, will you change the degree of the curves in order to get a better surface finishing for CNC’ing?

Curves_12cp_3deg.3dm (5.4 MB)

Hello - the curves are fine, I think but to Loft them all, if that is the goal, it would be better to have the seam points match up


CrvSeam will do this but at the expense of messing up the control point arrangements, so you’ll need to Rebuild and then edit if needed. You may want to start over with matching (copies) ellipses…

(Note that true ellipses and circles (these are not) and Rebuild gives very clean and smooth results with degree 5 and 24 points.)



Many thanks for clarifying my question in such a good way.

When modeling symmetric forms always model half the form then mirror. It’s faster and easier.