Quadro M1200 4GB GPU Graphics Card for Laptops (Maxwell Architecture) Any Good/thoughts?

Decided to go Freelance… the mountains were calling… so in need of a new machine. And been looking at the Dell Precision 5520 with the:

CPU i-7 Intel Core i7-7820HQ
GPU Quadro M1200 4GB.
Memory 32GB Ram

My only worry is this card is based on the old Maxwell architecture and how well it will run in Rhino V6?

Has anyone tried the new laptops with this card how does it fair up against the GTX cards or even other Quadro Pascal Cards in the newer laptops.

Would rather stay with a 15" screen machine than jump up to the 17" as need to travel with it most days to the co-work space here.

I won’t be doing much rendering, more complex models ,calculations and documentation from concept to fabrication/construction, using mostly Rhino and Grasshopper.