Quadremesher with multiple guides

I have a simple problem, that might be because I’m a newbie with GH.
I want to control de quadremesher topology with some planar curves projected to a surface.
The problem is that if I connect the projected curves to the Quadremesher component, the result I get is 1 mesh for each curve, and not one mesh respecting all the curves.
Is there a way to group the curves before connecting them? is this a limitation of the GH version of this tool?

What happens if you flatten the curves and pass them all together into the quad remesher?

Thanks Devin!

I’m not sure if this is the component you mentioned but it worked.

Yes, that’s the flatten component. You can also right click on ‘Curve’ on the output of the Project component and click flatten to do that same process all at once (without having to add the Flatten component). Anyways, I’m glad that it works, and please mark as solution.

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