Hello McNeel team.

I want to share something that would love to see improved when it comes to QuadRemesh. As you can see in this images, the faces row selected has a spiral/continuous row.

I’m working on a project where I have to reengineer Ear scans, the conversion result is not good when I need to get a single and simple edge to work with. Because I need to work with parallel rows instead of a continuous spiral shaped row. (reference Cylinder image).

Is there an extra step or option where I can "control the conversion in order to get what I want?

I’m having to save this mesh as Rhino 5 and then import it and convert it to T-splines since I have much more control.
Subd still doesn’t have many useful commands like RetopoSnap, MatchEdge, Makeuniform, and more, which I have created a topic in the past. :slight_smile:


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are you adding guide curves?

draw a few curves that indicate layout intent
(don’t draw like 50 curves, 3 or 4 are plenty)

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I experienced this also. It was frustrating.

I’m not sure this really helped me much in my endeavors, but I’ll keep it in mind.

I think mostly this is an algorithm characteristic of the quadmesh tool…

It seems to like spiraling things haha

I was trying to recreate the issue on an old project, but working from my recent meshes, the results were actually fine.

So, this characteristic probably occurs on asymmetrical style geometric transitions, where the input data isn’t very clean in terms of curvature flow data. Hence, cylindrical shapes transitioning into adjacent shapes etc.

The way I remember fixing this issue on my particular project, was to manually adjust the topology so it wasn’t spiralled. Then after that Rhino was able to quad mesh it pretty well.

Although, any time there’s symmetries I usually isolate them to control any chaos that might happen in the long run – just a way to control symmetry whenever possible.

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Interesting. I will try, thanks