QuadRemesh Smart and Strict not working

When you look at the screenshot, is this Geometry not proper for using the Smart or Strict Variables in QuadRemesh? Shows a fail-message with both options. Or is there something I miss out. Thank you!

Please refer to the help regarding these two options. This object is indeed not suited for those, because you cannot convert all these edges to edge loops in a sensible way.

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Sad :frowning:

But thank you. Very helpful!


What’s the result you expect to get remeshing that object?

Should look similar like the nurbs object in the picture just to represent a cage that would looke very similar in SubD

Have to check https://exoside.com/ Quad Remesher in Blender and Modo and all it’s settings

If I check that it should calculate all creases it would normally do so. Will do something on the weekend and post it here. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Gijs