Quadremesh Fail - Help


I have played with quadremesh and the former method and cannot get good results no matter how I tweak the settings. The ojbect in quest is a shape made entirely from booleans and has sharp edges.

Mesh-Convert.3dm (223.6 KB)

Dear Mike - i think - but it s just a guess - its the zick-zack that is in the section auf your shape, that causes the problem. And as this zick zack is going from very rough to endless small… so this might cause the algorithm to fail, no matter which settings / parameters you use.
and it seams not to be defined what a “hard-edge” angle is…

some workarround might be to first create a _mesh
then delete the upper zick-Zack- section, _fillHoles
maybe _smooth some vertices…
then quadremesh seams to give at least a result:

hope that helps, kind regards, -tom