QuadRemesh, Bug, Right Click Confirm

I am seeing that if you right click on the viewport, instead of OK, in QuadRemesh, that the quad mesh isn’t made.

I’ve been wondering this for a while, seeing my quadmesh previews disappear without a reason… and I think this might be why.

Hello - That seems to work here in the latest - rmb with the dialog open works as Enter/Ok. Does Enter work for you? There have been a few fixes lately here and there to get rmb/spacebar etc to accept current settings in some dialogs, it may be this was tuned up, but it does seem to work right here.


I’ll have a look in the WIP later.

Have you/others reported similar sort of behaviour in QuadRemesh? I’ve found it difficult to reproduce the steps - but yeah the one time I had success with just now was right clicking outside vs OK clicking.

OK - this is all working in V7 as far as I can see - if you can reproduce, please tell me how…