QuadBall SubD Rhino 6 + Gumball

Botha made this command: [

And you are required to LOGIN to access the command (script- which he allegedly wrote himself).
Before I go that route, is there another route available to configure the GUMBALL so that it works, apparently, like TSplines works (If not better than TSplines~!)?

This would be a great addition to Rhino 6 if it doesn’t exist already.

I’m loathe to give up Rhino 5 and lose TSplines, however, if Rhino 6 has this SubD command tool integrated into GumBall - that would be terrific!

Is it?

Hello - there are only a few test commands for SubD stuff in V6.


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Pacal, if Botha can allegedly write the command for GumBall to behave as well as, or better than tSplines in Rhino6, then why can’t McNeel? Why not collaborate with Botha, or consult Botha and incorporate his script in Rhino 6? It appears fabulous that Botha has made GumBall behave perfectly well, better than AutoDesk’s tSplines (which cost me 600 USD) - and is not defunct in Rhino 6, and which AutoDesk discontinued for Rhino, so Rhino is sort of ‘out in the cold’ however Botha seems to have found a script solution in reference towards making tSplines into GumBall, and it appears to work better than tSplines… what’s the hold up?

Hi @Thiebault and @pascal

I’m going by memory here, as I’m not at my PC and Pascal, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that the gumball behaviour is “standard” - you just need to use shift+control to sub-object select the face and then use the extrude functionality (the little dot/ball behind the move arrow). It’s true that the quadball is scripted, but the gumball behaviour is - if I recall correctly - just Rhino. Other than that, what Pascal writes is correct - Sub-D is still very much in its infancy, but I believe the WIP will eventually see progress.


Botha allegedly wrote a script turning the GumBall into a SubD tSpline tool… I think, so my question is, does it work in Rhino6 insomuch as it appears in his clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeU71GAINJQ and if so, why doesn’t, or can’t McNeel incorporate this script, or one similar, into Rhino6?

http://www.integrityware.com/tutorials/SubDNURBS_short.mp4 is a clip demonstrating SubD software for Nurbs.

http://www.integrityware.com/subdnurbs.html (Is only for Max?)

What about this? nPower Power Solids

Doesn’t Rhino 6 have this?

No, it does not. Sub-D is being developed internally at McNeel, not licensed from someone else. You won’t see much of it until Rhino 7.

The manipulator shown in the video is the standard V6 Gumball. All of what you see in the video can be done in the current Rhino (7) WIP, with the exception of just making the QuadBall appear, which may be a script or macro.

Oh! A definitive answer, I get it, thank you. Now it’s clear. Appreciate you clearing the confusion out of the air - I rely heavily on tSplines… I guess, if I upgrade to Rhino6, I’ll need to keep Rhino5 + tSplines in order to be able to make the organic shapes I require from my work - thank you.

Yes, that’s what most people reliant on T-Splines have done.

However, I think with this script it’s possible to make a ‘tSplines’ gumball: http://3dcadjewelry.com/forum/showthread.php?17776-Rhino-6-Sub-D-testing&highlight=subD+Rhino

No access without creating a log-in.

Yes, i created an account (free), it appears they have written a script that creates a NEW GUMBALL that doubles with auxiliary controls in which to manipulate objects as well as or better than tSplines…