Quad remesh in tight spots

I’m finding it hard to get Quad-Remesh to get close to the base mesh in tight spots like these, no matter how much I increase the quad count.

Is it a limitation or has anyone found a “trick” ?

Hi. I see you didn’t get an immediate response from the Pros… so
if you have access to Zbrush, then it is easy, and you can probably do this from within GH with the Chameleon plugin.

  1. The quad mesh needs to be in at least a similar vertex count to the original, [or higher].
  2. In ZB: Project All default setting are usually fine.
    the quad will receive all the tiniest details from the original mesh [as long as it has enough topology].
    I’ve seen a recommendation to turn on Morph Target before projecting incase the projection miss a spot [rare these days]


Hi Akash,

I’ll check the Chameleon plugin, thanks for the hint.
As for Zbrush, I decided that the interface was just too alien for me to understand.
I just can’t use a software that scrambles all the usual software ergonomics for no good reason except wanting to “be special”.

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A choice they made many years ago… and yes first meeting is very strange.
it is intended for working with a pen so no right and middle mouse [Space mouse works great, and is preconfigured.]

  • I did not try Chameleon myself as it is Windows only [last time I checked] ,I don’t know how well it handles a very high poly. [in ZB you can work on a 10 -20mil with ease]

Yeah, it took years of begging for them to implement this :slight_smile:

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I see Chameleon is just a plugin for exchanging geometry with Z-Brush…

Ok, well, let’s just say I hope Rhino’s Quad Remesh tool becomes better with time.

+1. but the trick to get the small detail, is not about the quad remesh improving! It’s the projection that does the magic.

Well then, that’s something that should be added to Rhino, right ?

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