Quad Mirror Script for Beer

I need somebody to write me a simple script, someone might already have, its a common feature in some plugins.

I want to Quad Mirror an object from a point in space, on the current Cplane.

I don’t want a free meal, I can PayPal a few $$ for beers :smile:

Yianni - VJ

What’s a quad mirror?

Sorry I wasn’t clear :blush:
Mirror an object in X and Y axis from an origin point.
Resulting to 4 objects in total.

EDIT: file deleted as a better version was uploaded below.

Drag+Drop onto Rhino5. Adds one command called QuadMirror.

I am running R5.0 with latest SR.

Quad mirror for beer

I don’t understand, you only want mirror beer? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, maybe that’s a good idea after all, getting 4 beers for the price of one…

Of course, you would have to drink one of them upside-down, and two of them backwards. :smile:

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All humor aside, here is my quickie Python version for those who feel in need…
(not drag and drop)


QuadMirror.py (780 Bytes)

This is excellent Mitch !
but I forgot to mention I needed it to be History aware :dizzy_face:

Try this one.

EDIT: file deleted as a better version was uploaded below.

This is very fancy!, it has preview !
But… It does not accept numerical input…
I type 0 and press Enter, and it does not use World origin.

Well, David types way faster than me and his preview trumps mine. But here is a history-enabled Python version FWIW.


QuadMirrorWHistory.py (1.1 KB)

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Thank you very much !

Yeah, it relied on mouse moves to record the transformation. I added some code so that it now also works with typed coordinates. It’ll use the construction plane in whatever viewport is active when you type.

QuadMirror.rhp (8 KB)

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