Q: Simple Event Watch Python example?

Hi guys, Are there any simple examples of a python script that uses event watching?

The first tool I would like to make is a simple Text object that shows the Z value of it’s location.
(For height measurements)

Now I use scripts to update the static objects, but if they could be dynamic then that would be great.

Hi @Holo,

Here is a simple script that handles command begin events. Perhaps this is a good starting point for something you need.

test_event_handler.py (2.0 KB)

– Dale

Yeah, I was afraid that kind of complexity is considered ‘simple’…
And I am sure it is a good starting point, so thanks!

And I have looked at it before :slight_smile: but the problem is that I don’t understand this kind of coding so I don’t know what to do to make it do what I want.
Could you point me in the right direction for making something as simple as a text dot (that’s even simpler than a text object) that automatically updates it’s text with the dot’s z value?

I have simple scripts that makes them, and that updates their content if I move them, but not automatically.

Hi @Holo,

There is a lot here. But it does what you want, I think.

test_holo.py (2.2 KB)

– Dale

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Whoa… Thanks!!!
I see I’m on deep water here, but I will do my best to do your effort worth it!

Well, not too deep. Sorry I didn’t add all that many comments. Let me know if you have any questions.

– Dale