Q: Meshing planar surfaces

It’s again me :slight_smile: This time i’m looking for solution to clean up mesh.

Here is what i do:
-I have modeled wall panel
-Dup border and flaten via gumball single axis
-PlanarSrf from this border

Result is far away from what i want - i need as low poly as possible. Reducing mesh causes weird smothing behavior.

I know that this is due to control points created while DupBorder i tried merge edges but im probably missing here something.

I have ~300 of those so manualy fixing each closed crv is not an option here. For four sided elements there is couple of ways (BoundingBox > Leave 1 Srf >Mesh or Mesh from NURBS CP) in case of those trimmed i ran out of ideas.

Here is file in state before meshing: DUP_BORDER_2_SRF_2_MESH.3dm (103.4 KB)

EDIT: Ok. I found solution rebuilding normals after reducing mesh fixed shading stuff. But anyway maybe theres easier way to do this?

Hi Przemysław - try:

DupBorder, flatten the result with SetPt in X, SimplifyCrv, MeshPatch (Defaults ok I think).

Any luck?
DUP_BORDER_2_SRF_2_MESH_PG.3dm (128.9 KB)


Thanks Pascal i think i found even better way.

Srf > ExtractRenderMesh > Quadrangulate > SetPt > Reduce > RebuildNrm

This way i forced most of 4 sided to be just quads and cutouts with lowest possiblie without losing uvunwrap and ready to use baked normals.

Btw. Does v6 has any plans for better uvunwrap or baking stuff?