Q: Insection of leaders?


I would like to find the intersection point of my leaders (here: leader with circle). How?




With the End and/or Point OSnaps on, build a Line from one end of the leader segment to the other end. Then use the line to find the intersection. The End and Point OSnaps appear to be the only OSnaps which work with leader type objects, and only at the ends of leader segments.

Hi David,

yes, I would like to have a leader with all line snaps, trims, etc.



Hi MIchael - exploding a copy of the leader is probably the best way for now, or it might be easier to trace a polyline as David suggests, since you would not have the text to deal with.

Thinking about this a little more, I suppose it would be possible to have snaps understand these intersections but I question whether, overall, it would be a good thing - handling annotation as if they are curve geometry seems a little bit messy and potentially confusing, to me.


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