[Q] How many objects Rhino can handle?

Hi guys,

i was wondering how many objects rhino can handle. My question poped out when i tried to import dwg file with 25k objects in it - everything looks good but after one click in viewport rhino crashes immediately. I thought - ok dwg is corrupted or in newer format but than i tried to make array of circles 200x100 on xy. Could somebody test this also if rhino behaves the same way or i just need to reinstall stuff?

Oh and yes i tried to reboot and tried again - same behaviour.

I don’t think there’s any practical limit to the number of objects RHINO can handle. Your COMPUTER, on the other hand, is a different matter. It needs sufficient memory for the operating system, Rhino code, all of the Rhino objects and the associated overhead data. @dale, @stevebaer: Is that about right? Keep in mind that various Rhino object types have various sizes.

How much memory does your machine have, and are you using 32 or 64 bit Rhino?

@AlW I found issue with 3rd party plug causing this error. Now i have 1M of circles in viewport and everything is ok :wink: So for future if someone will have similar question. Turn off all plugs :slight_smile:

Info for moderating person - topic can be deleted or it can stay if someone will have similar question :wink:

What plug-in? Have you contacted them (the developer) for assistance?

– Dale

It was PhysX in my case but i don’t use it at all, it was unstable when i tested it, i fortgot to remove it and plug isn’t alive so nevermind :wink: