Python3 script editor Hotkeys

I am completely lost with these.
“ctrl” + “/” does not comment out a line of code (worked in R7 IronPython editor and every other editor I’ve ever used)
“ctrl” + “-” decreases font size, I’ve found no way to increase it again. Luckily, the font size is tied to the component.

Is there a list of these somewhere?
Thank you in advance.

I see this, the only way currently to increase is Ctrl + (which is not on the numerical pad but above the = on my keyboard)
RH-79801 Increase and decrease font size

RH-79802 Add Ctrl + / shortcut to comment out


I reported this issue few weeks ago: Python 3: Output text single index

In the meantime, I’ve found a workaround. Try using the ‘+’ key, not the one on the numpad, but the plus key that’s on the same line as the numbers, accessed with the Shift key. Hope this helps.

Based on these issues, it looks like they’re working on supporting custom user key bindings:

Which would be really fantastic :pray:

Sorry. We are working on improving that.

Right now, you should be able to change the font size with shift+control+alt+up-arrow and shift+control+alt+down-arrow .

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