Python Tools for Visual Studio


I would like to use “python tools for VS” with Rhino. Anybody who already use it. Could you explain your experience and if you can use it with RhinoCommon and rhinoscriptsyntax?


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I haven’t delved into it deeply but I use it more and more to edit rhino python scripts. I also like vim so PTVS plus the VsVim extension is great. Right-click the tab, select “Copy Full Path” then alt-tab to Rhino and type RunPythonScript followed by ctrl+v is very fast. I looked at it in the context of remote debugging with Rhino but didn’t have much luck so far. I plan to spend more time figuring all this stuff as it seems like a very nice option.

Thanks Alain,

is a good methodology but it would be great remote debugging with Rhino. I will also continue investigating how.

HI @Alain,

Have you had a change to look into it? Would this be a viable option within the near future? maybe Rhino 6?



Hi Miguel,

I haven’t looked at PTVS in a while. Remote debugging is something we want to support but because VS is windows only and we can’t support all IDEs we’re favoring cross platform ones. As to which one I can’t make any promises. On the mac you can now use the Atom editor to get code completion from Rhino and that will be available on windows too. If we can figure out how to add a debugger into Atom that would be great. PyCharm is also an IDE that many like and of course improving the debugging capabilities of our embedded editor is something we’re looking into.


Thank you for your answer. I understand, this is not as easy of a problem as it seems. The reason I would like VS is because I do all my other development for Rhino there.


PS. I did try Atom when you posted about it, and it seems as a good option.