Python Test enviroment

Hi, I am using Komodo Edit 8 and the “RunPythonScript” command.
For me is is hell … every time for testing Run the command-finder-look for the .py file- dblclick :o(
Can you give us a button, or better a short command like “RunLastScript” ?
It will be great.
And it will be “super great” .o) if we can get an integrated developing environment with step by step debugger.

best regards - Carsten

What I might do as a workaround is to create a couple of aliases, say:

RR !_-RunPythonScript ""

Then, as you’re developing the script, just call it “ScriptDevelopment1” and store it in the default location. Save the script inside the editor, then type your alias “RR”+Enter in the Rhino window to test. When you’re done developing, give the script a definite name.


Hi Mitch, does this work for Rhino for MAC??
Menu->TOOLS->Options->Alias is missing ???


No “Options” on Mac. Go to Rhino>Preferences and find the Alias icon…


Mitch, you are my hero ;o)
I am very satisfied with this solution - Carsten