Python: Select text with same height

Hello everyone, I’m fairly new to scripting in python, but so far its cool.
I was working with an urban plan and needed to select some text of specific height. I looked around the forum and managed to find some related info which helped me a lot, but I still have a couple of questions:

def SelectTextWithSameHeight():
    # Let user pick a text object with required height
    txtObj = rs.GetObject("Select text", filter=512)
    if rs.IsText(txtObj):
        # Return current text height 
        textHeight = rs.TextObjectHeight(txtObj)


    # Select all annotation objects and store them in annotations
    annotations = rs.ObjectsByType(rs.filter.annotation)
    # Go through each annotation
    for annotation in annotations:
        # Check if it's a numeric text
        if rs.IsText(annotation) and rs.TextObjectText(annotation).isdigit():
            # And if yes, get its height
            textHeights = rs.TextObjectHeight(annotation)
            # If its height equals to preselected height,
            if textHeights == textHeight:
                # select it


if __name__=="__main__":
  1. So, there is this filter 512 for annotations, I was wondering if annotations here is just text objects or does it include other stuff like dimensions?
    txtObj = rs.GetObject("Select text", filter=512)

  2. Is there a better way to write this function or do you have any suggestions?

Hi Tim,

No, there is no other filter than the 512. This indeed catches all types of annotations.
However, What I’d do in such a case, is to filter all possible texts with height first and use GetObjectEx to limit possible objects for selection:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

all_annotations = rs.ObjectsByType(512)
all_texts = [obj for obj in all_annotations if rs.IsText(obj)]
height = 10
all_text_height = [obj for obj in all_texts if rs.TextObjectHeight(obj) == height]

# all_text_height contains all objects in the document with height == height

#To manually select any of the text in all_text_height
# GetObjectEx(message=None, filter=0, preselect=False, select=False, objects=None)
txtObj = rs.GetObjectEx('select text',filter = 0, preselect=False, select=False, objects=all_text_height)


Oh, that’s a good one, thanks Willem :blush:

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