Python scripts run noticeably slower in Rhino 6 as compared to 5

Can anyone tell me why the same scripts run noticeably slower in Rhino 6? Graphics issue?

Hi @eric.bunn,

Do you have a sample script, that we can easily run here, that demonstrates the slowness you are seeing?

– Dale

I’ll have to put one together. I did notice it was related to the insertion of a block. It seems to think for a second before inserting the block versus Rhino 5 which does not have the lag when inserting the same block.



I am attaching a video and a simple script that will illustrate the difference. There is a Rhino file in the directory with 4 points in it that get inserted as a block. I just put the sample together as a loop to insert 10 copies into the document. Keep the macro file in the same directory as the Rhino file. There is code in there to pull the file from that directory.


Insert (8.0 KB)

Hello Eric,

Does it run faster if you use rs.EnableRedraw(False) before your block operations and rs.EnableRedraw(True) afterwards?

It does run faster in both instances but relative to one another 6 is slower than 5 with the same code.