Python ScriptEngine Options (For remote debug in PTVS)

Dear RhinoDeveloper,

Could you please add “Tracing” options when start Python Script Engine in Rhino to enable ptvsd ,the remote debug tools of Python Tools For Visual Studio.

“Tracing Enabled”
“Frames Enabled” (already exist in built in Python Editor)


Host application coding may be like this.

    options["Debug"] = true;
    options["Tracing"] = true or false.
    options["Frames"] = true or false.
    PythonScriptEngine = Python.CreateEngine(options);

Error message for now.

@Alain you may want to look at this for future improvements in Python editing in Rhino

Hi @stevebaer,

I added this to Rhino 6 in March. Should it go in a Rhino 5 service release?


Thanks. Do not add this to a V5 service release. New features are typically added to V6 source so they can be properly tested and documented (this also helps make sure we don’t end up with unexpected bugs in other areas.)