Python script editor repeatable *crash* bug

Repeatable crash…

  1. Open the Rhino file below.
  2. Run EditPythonScript and open the .py file below
  3. Put a breakpoint at line 18 where it says “pass”
  4. Run the script, at the prompt select the text in the file. The script will stop at the breakpoint.
  5. in the lower panel, try to expand the variable “geo” by clicking on the arrow
  6. Instant crash with crash report dialog showing up (repeated 3 times here).

(6.6.18156.11421, 05-Jun-18)

To_Crash.3dm (28.0 KB) (876 Bytes)

Have crash dump file if needed.


Hi Mitch - I ran into this ‘expand geo’ for annotations crash myself yesterday -

Must be the same but I’ll add your files.



OK, cool, thanks!! --Mitch