Python Script_Collecting ClassData


I am still relatively new to python. We had just learned about classes and agenst and I have created multiple curves from agents and putting that into a list in a class, and then attempted to take a list out from the class and bringing it in to the main and then collect the last elements from that list and then tween the curve. However, when trying to take out the last elements that I wanted, it made the GUID weird cuz it presented itself as a string but at the same time still registered as a curve, but then when trying to tween the curve it did not register.

The Class

The section in the main

The result from the print

The Tween curve Attempt but fail

So what does it say when it fails?

Message: Parameter must be a Guid or string representing a Guid

This is what it comes out with.

I’ve resolved it in a different way though, I ended up drawing the line once all the points are compiled and then collecting that into a list.