Python rhinoscriptsyntax implementation requests

These are not mission critical, just nice for display and formatting:


I guess these are not in there because they haven’t been added to RhinoCommon yet either…


Of course, you could write your own version using RhinoCommon, correct?

Hi Dale,
I didn’t find the methods for either of these in RhinoCommon, but maybe I missed them. Something for UnitSystemName can put together from UnitSystemEnumeration I guess…


Hi Mitch, i´m not shure if this is the correct way but maybe it helps for unit system name:

sc.doc.GetUnitSystemName(modelUnits, capitalize, singular, abbreviate)

and for unit distance display precision:



Hey Clement,

Thanks! I should have looked there, I searched the RhinoCommon help under RhinoDoc, and I didn’t find it in there the first time I looked - now I found it - I was looking for the wrong name… :frowning: I wish there was a listing of the scriptcontext methods in the Help and/or the tree view in the editor…


+1 and more examples, completer chm help and deeper intellisense ! btw. i stumbled across above two by accident while searching for something else. :wink:


I added these functions to rhinoscriptsyntax for SR8

thank you.