Python node editor in Grasshopper on mac

I have a bunch of ghpython nodes developed in GH on Windows. They work perfectly fine in the Windows version, but not in the Mac (Rhino 6) version. I wanted to check what is wrong by opening the python node editor, but despite having a test button and a bottom frame where messages can be shown, nothing seems to happen when I hit the test button as no output is ever displayed. There is only a help button which does nothing. I would love to find out what is wrong but without a working editor this is impossible.

Am I doing anything wrong? Any ideas?


I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong… I think this feature is just not developed in the Mac GH Python editor yet…

Thanks, i’ll Just wait for the update. The error message I got was actually quite weird. And the it disappeared for some of the nodes, but not all of them. I guess there is still quite a bit of work left (on both sides)

Hey, as @Helvetosaur mentioned above, the debug window is still not implemented in Grasshopper for Mac. The GHPython component is functional, but it’s missing a lot of convenient features that are included on Windows. I wouldn’t wait for anything to change, since I’ve been a Grasshopper and GHPython user from the get-go and nothing much has changed so far.
However, to see the debugging information, you can simply attach a panel to the out output of the GHPython component. The information will then be shown inside the panel, when you run your code.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that.