[python] Finding closed curves inside a closed curve

If you KNOW that the intersection is complete and results in only planar, closed curves and you have the just the curves from the intersection operation, then it is solvable.

The curve with the largest area is the outer one, all the rest are inner.

Then again, you might have a situation where there are actually multiple “outers” containing multiple inners. So to provide for that, you will need something more complex.

And what about curves inside curves that are inside the outer curve?

They’re still inside the outer curve… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha yes, of course. I’m just wondering if this is a case where he needs to separate those as well. Because for that I recently made a script that separates them:
FindOutAndInsideCurves.py (1.8 KB)

In this script it copies your original curves and gives the new curves a different color depending on whether they are inside or outside.

But curves inside curves inside curves will be colored as outside curves (which is also what I needed in my case).

I’m sure there’s things that can be improved in the code but perhaps you can use part of this.


No that could never happen.

I want to sift through the red lines in series