Python equivalent of gh "isPlanar"

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Is there a way in python to test if a srf is planar? I’m thinking of the isPlanar component in gh, but can’t find anything in python.




the float you put in is the tolerance.

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Thank you!

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fyi, you can also search the rhinocommon api. (you mentioned you “couldn’t find anything python”, but I’m not sure what that meant.)

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I am getting an error when I run .IsPlanar on a srf. Can you see what I’m doing wrong?




You have to convert the guid into an object. Perhaps you haven’t set the type in the input.

Right-click the “X” input go to the bottom of the context menu and select that the type should be surface.

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oh, right, of course… Thanks!


In rhinoscriptsyntax it’s

#tolerance argument optional, defaults to file abs. tolerance

(Tom) #9

As a kind of a bonus:
You can also easily implement this functionality completely for yourself. Its a great practice on programming in Rhino.

A surface is planar if all controlpoints are in a plane. You can check for a point in plane, by for instance picking 3 points create a plane and change basis it to the world plane and evaluating z.
Another way, and even more shorter: A surface is planar if the distance between the controlpoint and its corresponding greville point is zero. At least if its not an uncurved kinked surface. Which is extremely unlikely bytheway…